Rotax South Africa Newsletter February 2016

The latest decisions of the MSA Karting Commission are summarised here where applicable to the Rotax Series classes. The MSA Karting Commission will issue a notice in due course which is the only official version – this is just a heads up.

Micro Classes

Two new experimental Micro classes have been approved for competitors from 7 to 10 years old. The Rotax Micro Max class will be introduced at club level in several regions. Using a new or used detuned Rotax Max engine on a 95cm chassis it provides an ideal stepping stone between Cadet and the faster National Championship Maxterino racing. It is important to note that a driver in his / her seventh year must weigh at least 21kg in shorts and t-shirt before participating in Micro Max. view Micro Max Brochure

Changes to age groups for 2017

  1. Cadet unchanged
  2. Micro Max/Micro Rok – 7 to 10
  3. Maxterino – 8 to 11 (ends at 13 in 2016)
  4. Mini Rok – 10 to 13 (starts at 8 in 2016)
  5. Mini Max - 10 to 13
  6. Junior Max / Junior Rok – 13 to 16 (starts at 12 in 2016)
  7. Senior Max / Super Rok – 15+ (unchanged)
  8. DD2 – 15+ (unchanged)
  9. DD2 Master – 32+ (unchanged)

In all cases it is the year in which the birthday occurs and in line with the international regulations.

Mini Max

This class is the logical step up from 60cc. Using the specially restricted new or used Max engine on a 95cm chassis and C2 tyres it provides exiting performance to close the gap between the 60cc’s and Junior Max. The weight limit at 125kg allows heavier drivers to compete as the actual Mini Max outfit is only 6kg heavier than a 60cc kart. view Mini Max Brochure

Fuel and Oil  

Competitors will need to get familiar with the new regulations in which you will be required to purchase your fuel from a specific filling station and a designated pump. This fuel must be mixed in the correct ratio of 50:1 for all Rotax’s and 25:1 in Maxterino with XPS oil only. The organizers will have testing equipment that quickly shows if you are using anything other than this control fuel. This system will be implemented at National as well so no more organizer’s fuel – just testing to see that you are using the correct fuel.

Happy Maxing in 2016!