After very successful demo events around the country the interest in Micro and Mini Max has grown in leaps and bounds! At the iDube National no fewer than 25 drivers drove Mini and Micro Max karts. A number have already invested or are renting so when are we racing? How do we qualify for the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals? When will more engines be available? What does it cost to downgrade a Junior Max? Can one rent a kart or motor? Where to from here?

The extremely busy Regional and very compressed National Series leaves most competitors little breathing space so we have decided to offer the following:

Micro and Mini Max GP - Sunday 18th July 2016 – Vereeniging Kart Circuit 08:30

This is the day after the National final – the big stress is over and done with. Many competitors from around the country will be there and this will be the ideal opportunity to take off your 60cc engine, fit a Rotax and come racing in either Micro or Mini Max.

This special event will be only for Micro and Mini Max with time for several practice sessions, qualifying (3 laps), 2 heats and one final. The winner of the final race will be the winner of the day. Points scored in the final will be carried forward to the Africa Open.

The event will finish at 14:30 and special prizes will be there for the day’s racing – including an air ticket to Italy!

Rotax Africa Open Friday 19 and Saturday 20 August 2016 – Zwartkops

The format for this event will be similar to the other Max classes – practice, qualifying, two pre finals and two finals.

Invitation to compete in the 2016 Rotax Max Grand Finals in Italy in October 2016

The best two out of three final scores obtained at the Micro and Mini Max GP in Vereeniging and Rotax Africa Open at Zwartkops will be added together to determine the winner in both Micro and Mini Max. Each winner will receive an invitation to the RMCGF which provides free entry to the RMCGF, free use of identical new chassis, new engine, tyres (wet and dry), fuel, oil, tools, trolley etc. at the most prestigious karting event on the planet.

Technical rules

  • Chassis are the 95cm chassis used in the 60cc classes in South Africa
  • Tyres Mojo C2 (same as 60cc)
  • Engines must conform to the International Technical regulations (Junior Max) as well as the Technical Bulletin on Kart.co.za - Micro and Mini Max which deals with down grading. All engines must be sealed by an EMR authorised Service Centre.
  • Weight: at this time we aiming to use 105 kg for Micro Max and 120kg for Mini Max (the Rotax package adds approximately 7kg to a 60cc outfit)


While we will allow the ages specified in the 2016 MSA karting regulations to participate competitors need to note that the ages for the RMCGF are as follows:

Age limits for 2016 RMCGF*:

  • 125 Micro MAX: 8th birthday before October 16, 2016 and may not have his/her 11th birthday before December 31, 2016
  • 125 Mini MAX: 10th birthday before October 16, 2016 and may not have his/her 13th birthday before December 31, 2016

*This will be confirmed shortly – we would prefer to have an older top age for Mini Max!

For engine and kart rentals contact Jeff on 082 960 6976 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.