Rotax Grand Finals Tickets allocations explained

Small Ticket GF2016 600x300mm

Recent Motorsport Media reports would have one believe that EMR and MCP have a large box full of invitations to compete in the Rotax Max Grand Finals. We so wish that this was true! it would be great to have more Southern Africans getting the opportunity to participate in the greatest kart racing event in the world.

So how does it work?

For the past 16 years Rotax have organized various National series (RMC) and international series (IRMC) and given the winners the opportunity to compete  on a truly level playing field at the end of each year to find a real World Champion -  free of charge.

In the early years, countries that joined the RMC had the opportunity to qualify several drivers in each class and South Africa certainly made the most of that.

As more and more countries started running National RMC's so the demand for seats has grown. Rotax reacted by increasing the size of the event but at the same time additional classes demanded inclusion in the world final.

In recent years approximately 60 countries have run National Championship Series in one or more Rotax classes. The competition for more seats naturally also needs to take into account larger countries (USA, Canada, for example) where thousands of competitors are involved. Naturally high profile series like the four round Rotax Euro Challenge, Florida Winter Tour, Asia Pacific Series etc. also qualify drivers.

A system was devised to asses the number of competitors and events that potentially score for qualification in each class. Every distributor has to register their countries’ events and the results are monitored. The number of invitations is based on these numbers

What did the system mean for RSA ticket allocation?

In 2016 Southern Africa has only one seat in each of Junior Max and Senior Max based on the number of entries and events in South Africa in 2015. Many countries did much better and in fairness they received more invitations.

RSA did however attain 4 seats in DD2 in 2016 for two reasons: there are still some countries that do not have DD2 yet and importantly we had great fields of DD2s in 2015 often around 30 starters! Two of these DD2 seats were set aside in the hope of swapping them for a Junior and Senior Max seat with another country but without success. For this reason, a DD2 invite will be given to the Senior Max winner of the African Open event.

Today the Grand Final event sees Rotax supply more than 400 brand new chassis, engines, tyres, trolleys, fuel, oil etc. as well as the best trained organizers, stewards and everything to try to provide the most fair and professionally run event. It is not possible to manage more competitors or classes without making the event longer (already virtually one week) or splitting it into two parts.


More events X more competitors = More invitations to the RMCGF!

Hopefully the growth in Junior Max in 2016 will bear fruit in future. Larger fields provide the best racing from every perspective and it is really great to see more than 20 entries in Junior Max for the Africa Open!

Inaugural new Kyalami National event clashes with Rotax Grand Finals 2016?

On a rather concerned note we see that main circuit have a National race scheduled at Kyalami on the same weekend as the RMCGF. This means that DD2 winner Brad Liebenberg as well as Masters Champion Michael Stephen may have to sit this one out! South Africa really needs all it top drivers to try to continue our proud history so we really hope that somehow the Kyalami event can be moved out by a week.