Invitations to the 2017 RMCGF from the 2017 SARMC Series

An interesting situation arose at the African Open last month when Luke Herring won the Senior Max class. The prize at the African Open for winning Senior Max is an entry to the Rotax Grand Finals in the DD2 class. As most of you will know Luke is a front runner in the Senior Max class and would prefer to race at the Grand Finals in Senior Max. Luke had the tough decision to make because if he kept his prize DD2 seat from the African Open even if he wins the SARMC series he would have to race DD2 as in terms of Rotax’s rules he would have to participate in the highest-ranking class. Luke informed the organisers that he was returning his prize in the hope of winning the SARMC Senior Max championship and earning his ticket in this way. Jason Coetzee who was runner up in the African Open happily accepted the prize of a DD2 seat.

After this many interesting questions have been asked about the ranking and prizes in the event of the same person winning both the African Open and the SARMC series. Although the Rotax Sporting Regulations article 4.7.3. seem simple enough as always there are differing opinions as to what is fair and correct. For clarity we enlisted the help of Rotax to give definitive answers to some of these questions. The following points reflect Rotax’s decisions in this regard.

  1. Q: What if a driver wins the African Open and the SARMC National Championship?

A: If a driver wins the SARMC Series but already has an invitation from any other series or event then the next placed driver in the SARMC Series will get the SARMC invitation.

  1. Q: What if a Masters driver wins the SARMC DD2 Championship overall?

A: If a DD2 Masters driver wins the 2017 SARMC Series overall (by default he also wins the DD2 Masters class) this driver will compete in the DD2 Masters class and not in the DD2 class at the RMCGF. The next placed driver in SARMC DD2 (overall) will receive the invitation to compete in the DD2 class.

  1. Q: What if the winner of the SARMC in Micro or Mini Max also won air tickets from the African Open?

A: The competitor keeps these air-tickets as well as the invitation to compete in the RMCGF as the prizes from these two events/series in fact have nothing to do with each other.

We trust this answers all the questions but if there is any doubt please contact Jennifer on 082 294 7485 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.