What’s new in South African karting in 2018?

The SARMC National Karting Series grew by 35% in 2017 and promises to be even more successful in 2018. A few exiting improvements are on the cards for certain classes – subject to final ratification by MSA.

Mini Max:

The controversy surrounding the Mini Max class rules for 2018 has settled down now and:

  • The class will remain with the 95cm chassis and C2 tyres in the future for many good reasons - starting with the major cost difference between 95cm chassis and 104cm chassis, suitability for this age group, the low cost of upgrading from Micro- (or any 60cc class) to Mini Max etc.
  • The performance will be reduced by around a second per lap and the entry age brought down to the year of the 9th birthday. This is as a result of the reduction of ages in Senior and Junior classes by the CIK in 2017
  • Rotax South Africa (EMR Karting) and its dealers in SA are running a once-off special trade-in program to make joining the Mini Max class much easier for any 60cc competitor – click here for details

The main jet size will be free in 2018.

Junior Max:

The popular Junior Max class will remain unchanged for 2018.

Senior Max:

Two significant changes will both improve performance and fair competition in the Senior Max class in 2018:

  • A new cylinder using a 3D digitally printed cylinder core and CNC machining in the exhaust duct will ensure top and equal performance on all new cylinders. This method of manufacturing has ensured quality racing in Junior-, Mini- and Micro Max in 2017, making it something to really look forward to in 2018
  • A trade-in program will be offered as soon as the new cylinders are available (probably November 2017), where you will be able to purchase a new cylinder for 50% of the price of a new cylinder. Click here for details
  • A special offer to upgrade your Junior Max to a Senior Max will also be available starting in November 2017
  • Mojo have developed a new tyre for the Senior Max and DD2 classes called the D4. Better balance between front- and rear grip ensures faster lap times for the same money and tyre life as the D3 tyre.

DD2 and Masters

The most popular class in SA karting will enjoy the new Mojo D4 which promises better balance and better lap times for the same tyre life and cost as the D3 tyre.

Micro Max:

This class has exceeded all expectations in 2017 and is rapidly becoming the most popular class! Minimal maintenance and fair competition seem to be a big hit with everyone.

An application for Regional Championship status in 2018 for Micro Max will be made in Gauteng, KZN and Western Cape based on the success and growth shown in 2017!

The main jet size will be free in 2018.


The popular 60cc class will remain unchanged for 2018.


The changes to the gearing and the addition of a restrictor vastly improved the quality of racing and all but ended the reliability and performance issues that plagued this class in the past. For the 2018 season there may be a further reduction in sprocket size, a return to the standard exhaust and possibly the original air filter. Testing will be concluded within the next month and a final proposal for the 2018 season will published soonest.

The engines will be sealed by authorised service centres in accordance with the new regulations. A pool engine system is being considered.

The MSA Karting Commission is determined to make the Cadet class a fun and affordable class to enter. Thoughtful consideration is being given to allocating a designated area in the pits to Cadets on race days (not private garages, tents or trucks) so that parents can get to know one another and keep an eye on one other. This works very well in the UK. The age remains from the year of the 5th birthday.