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It is supposed to be winter, but typically KZN was blessed with amazing weather on Friday and Saturday for Round 2 of the 2018 SARMC KZN Regional and Club Karting Championship held at the Idube Raceway. The weekend’s field was again well supported even though we had to bring the race day forward by a day due to the running of the Comrades Marathon, and was extremely competitive in every class and the enthusiastic loyal supporters were not disappointed. With some of the competitors also having to sacrifice the race day to study for midyear exams, opportunities were opened to finish in the top end of the fields, and a few competitors took advantage of this.


34906484 1660225234108839 8825731947272601600 nThe combined class of DD2 and DD2 Masters proved yet again, that you cannot afford to make a mistake. Morgado qualified 0.044 ahead of Habig, with Robert Whiting 0.161 back and Daniel Duminy 0.217 from the leaders. Morgado (Masters) won the 1st Heat 0.154 secs ahead of Habig, with Whiting clinching the third spot, but setting the fastest lap giving Whiting front row of the grid alongside Habig for Heat 2. Unfortunately for Duminy he had a starter problem on the grid and was forced to sit out Heat 1 and having to start at the back of the grid for the 2nd heat. If one separates the DD2 and the Masters, it gave Morgado 1st, Pieterse 2nd with Simon Wilde 3rd, Alister Mingay 4th and Richard van Heerde 5th (Masters). Habig clinched the DD2 honours, followed by Whiting, Ryan Wilde and Shane Foley. Heat 2 Saw Habig finish ahead of Morgado with a 0.967 gap, with Pieterse in 3rd, Duminy in 4th and Whiting in 5th. Rob set another quick lap giving him front row of the grid, this time alongside Morgado, with Pieterse and Habig in the 2nd row. It was a ding dong battle for the front and Morgado led for the first few laps, but Habig took the lead, and in a very long shot tried to overtake Morgado on the last lap, but came short, and Rob pounced on the opportunity to finish 2nd with Habig in 3rd. Duminy finished a strong 5th overall. On the podium overall in DD2 for the day was Habig 1st, Whiting 2nd and Ryan Wilde 3rd (DD2) followed by Shane Foley. Morgado took overall honours in DD2 Masters followed by Peterse, Alister Mingay in 3rd, Richard van Heerde in 4th and Dane Temlett in 5th. With the absence of some of the competitors, the KZN Regional championship now has a slightly new look - DD2 Habig has extended his lead to 7 points over Robert Whiting, with Duminy in 3rd trailing Whiting by 31 points, Ryan Wilde has moved up to 4th and Shane Foley 5th. On the National SARMC Challenge, now that KZN have had their 2nd SARMC round and now equal to the other regions, Habig is now 2nd behind Arnold Neveling, and Robert Whiting has moved ahead of Sebastian Boyd. On the DD2 Masters side, Morgado has crept a little closer to Stephen, while Jonathan Pieterse has also moved up two positions.

34889028 1660225180775511 5352603989072412672 nSenior Max was extremely competitive as young Dominic Lincoln behind the wheel of the BirelArt is making strides and matured immensely as a driver in this class. His main rival is the much more senior driver Jonathan Pieterse in the KZN mix, but Lincoln banked two wins and a 2nd to move within 14 points of Pieterse this weekend in the KZN Regional Standings. On the SARMC front, Lincoln drove superbly setting the quickest times in all three heats. An unfortunate do or die move from Lincoln cost him a clean sweep for the day, and he finished 2nd behind Pieterse who took the final win of the day. Shrien Naidoo in the TonyKart is another youngster who means business, and was always within striking distance, with two strong 3rd place finishes. The incident with Lincoln gave Walden also in a BirelArt, the gap he was looking for and he clinched the third spot in the final heat. There were a few more spots up front for the taking, as Robert Whiting and Riley Horner didn’t participate in the class, and Morgado seems to have set his sights on the DD2 Masters class rather than Senior Max. On the National standings now on equal playing fields with the rest of the regions, Dominic Lincoln now finds himself in about third overall but seems as though the winner here was Pieterse who now tops the leader board ahead of Wyman. Shrien Naidoo has also moved up one position to knock Carlo Olivier one down the board.

Andrew Bremner had a clean sweep in the Junior Max Challenge and and bagged maximum points.

Max 180 is always a great race with banter between the drivers and Saturday was not different. Yet once the on track no one wants to be last and they give it their all. Richard van Heerde had a good start to the day and won both Heat 1 and Heat 2. Clinton Gauld put up a grea challenge and was on pole for Heat 2 after posting the fastest lap in the 1st Heat. Heat 1 saw van Heerde take the win with Clinton Gauld in 2nd, Mohammed Bhabha in 3rd, followed by Eric Marzoppi and James Stewart. Brad Funnell was in 6th ahead of Beverly van Heerde followed by Richard Horner, Alan Johnston and Allan John-Rice. Heat two delivered a different set of results with James Stewart slotting in behind Van Heerde, Clinton Gauld in 3rd, Eric Marzoppi finished ahead of Mohammed Bhabha, Brad Funell, Beverly van Heerde, Dean Rice with Alan Johnston in 9th and Andrea Horeau making up the top the top ten. Van Heerde ran into problems in the final heat, and James Stewart was ready to take the win with Mohammed Bhabha in 2nd and Clinton Gauld in 3rd. Eric Marzoppi who had a very good outing finished in 4th with John Rice in 6th, Brad Funnell in 7th Alan Johnston in 6th, Richard Horner in 8th Dean Rice in 9th and Andre Horaeu taking the final points. Hoping that all the calculations are correct Clinton Gauld is still on top of the KZN Regional standings, followed by van Heerde in 2nd but Mohammed Bhabha has moved into the third spot, with James Stewart snatching the 4th position.

35026578 1660225790775450 6376379529350348800 nLast but not least, the little guys in the Micro Max class had a good day, and it was young Troy Snyman who stamped his authority on the race day by taking three wins and creeping ever closer on the national SARMC championship challenge. Travis Mingay qualified on pole, but Troy set the quickest times in both Heat 1 and Heat 2. Close on his heels, or should I say back bumper, was Dhivyen Naido who put up a great challenge and finished 2nd in both Heat 1 and Heat 2. Uzair Khan finished 3rd in Heat 1, with Ross Wuite in 4th, Mingay in 5th and Keira Naidoo in 6th. But it was a charging Travis Mingay that saw him take the 3rd place in Heat 2. The final heat of the day was great, close racing, and unfortunately an incident between Naidoo and Khan who were running 2nd and 3rd respectively almost ended in disaster, but Naidoo managed to finish 2nd but Khan lost out to Travis Mingay who was ready to take any gaps that came his way. Uzair Khan finished 4th with Ross Wuite 5th and Keira Naidoo finishing 6th. Snyman’s excellent set of esults saw him take the lead in the KZN Regional Championship, demoting Naidoo to 2nd albeit only by a single point. Khan remains in 3rd but Mingay closed the gap whilst Wuite remains in 5th and Keira Naidoo in 6th. What does this mean on the National standings for these youngsters : Troy Snyman bumps back Mohammed Wally and Reese Koorzen to snatch the 3rd place overall whilst Dhivyen Naidoo takes 6th position demoting Bjorn Bertholdt.

All in all a stunning family outing once again. The results speak for themselves and the KZN boys are right at the top of their game. These changes on the national standings will make for some competitive racing at the 3rd round of the 2018 SARMC Nationals in Cape Town, yet the next stop is Zwartkops for the 2018 Africa Open and we can be assured that this year this is going to be the Clash of the Titans in this All or Nothing event.