Rotax Micro and Mini Max – South Africa 2016

Why are we introducing two new classes into karting?

  1. Create logical and safe steps: South African karting has for years had too big a jump from Cadets into 60cc and another big jump from 60cc into Junior Max – big differences in size, weight and performance in a critical age group where kids are growing at different rates.
  2. The Rotax program: Rotax have a world-wide program starting at 7 years old in Micro Max, then Mini Max at 10, Junior at 13 and moving to Senior Max at 15 (using the same basic engine all the way!) plus the DD2 and DD2 Masters classes completing the family.
  3. Reduce costs Rotax is known not only for its unique 6-month warrantee but also for bringing unprecedented reliability to kart engines. This is achieved technically in a number of ways but the obvious differences between the Rotax Micro/Mini class engines versus the traditional 60cc classes are:
    • water cooling keeps the clearances constant in the engine and the high temperatures, typical in the 60cc air cooled engines, increase the wear rate on components
    • Nikasil plated cylinders (so hard that only a diamond hone can change the size) reduce the friction between the piston and cylinder ensuring a long piston life
    • By detuning the very reliable 125cc engine to an appropriate power level for this age group one benefits from lower rpm and very low levels of stress in the engine
    • Internationally the success proves that Rotax Micro and Mini max provide competitors with great performance, reduced costs and many hours of track time without overhauls and forever running in engines.
    • By using the same base engine most of the parts (pistons, con-rods, bearings etc. are common to all classes) the economy of scale benefits the customer.
    • One engine can be used throughout your karting life!
  4. Join the International program and be part of the prestigious Rotax Max Challenge Grand Final: Its official - South Africa has one invitation in each in the Micro and Mini Max classes at the RMCGF in Italy in October 2016. Details will follow soon on how to qualify to participate in karting’s greatest show on earth!

What is the plan for 2016 and beyond?

  1. Micro Max is pitched at club level for new comers and kids moving up from Cadet – less daunting than the current 60cc classes.
  2. Maxterino in 2017 will continue to cater Nationally for drivers from 8 to 11 years old
  3. Our aim to have Mini Max strong enough that it becomes the class of choice Nationally for drivers 10 to 13 years old by 2017. A real bonus for the bigger/older competitors is the higher weight limit – at 125kg Mini Max looks after the heavier guys while still doing very quick lap times.
  4. Mini Max and Micro Max use the exact same chassis and tyres as the Maxterino and Mini Rok so it is an easy change.
  5. The same 125cc Rotax engine is used all the way allowing you to upgrade or downgrade to the class of your choice – from Micro Max, Mini Max, Junior Max and Senior Max making the engine an investment rather than an expense

Who can take part in the introduction of Micro and Mini Max?

  1. Any MSA karting license holder can race a Micro (age 7 to 11) or a Mini Max (age 10 to 13)
  2. We will be assisting the clubs to market this to new comers and our fleet of karts will be available for free test drives.
  3. We invite existing competitors to try Micro or Mini Max out either on a practice day or by participating in a mini endure race using one of our karts free of charge.
  4. We will host a 30minute Mini Enduro for Micro and Mini Max karts at the Cape Town National event where licensed competitors are invited to race in teams of 3 drivers and have two compulsory 1-minute pit stop and driver change. The events will be the last slot on Friday and Saturday afternoons so as not to interfere with driver’s National efforts. Use of the karts is free with the exception of accident damage!

Purchasing or renting Micro and Mini Max engines or complete karts

  1. Brand new engines complete with accessories will be available from R 25 400 for Micro and R 34 900 for Mini Max. Rentals from R 1 800 per month (Micro), R 2200 per month Mini (excluding VAT and T&C’s apply)
  2. Reconditioned used engines to Micro or Mini specification POA
  3. Downgrade your own Max engine – please discuss your detailed requirements with your Rotax dealer to determine the cost
  4. Complete pre owned karts will be available for sale from R 32 000 or rental from                    R 2800/race and R 900/practice day. (excluding VAT and T&C’s apply)

Contact: Gauteng - Jeff on 012 384 2303 or 082 960 6976 or Jennifer 082 294 7484

               KZN – Henry 076 817 5287

               Cape Town – Brad 083 662 1177 or 021 556 1347