Maxterino in 2017

MX60SVarious rumours are circulating including that the Maxter factory has closed and there will be no spare parts, that the Maxterino will be detuned. There is absolutely no truth in any of these rumours and Maxterino engines and spares continue to be produced - business as usual! The regulations for the 2017 Maxterino National championship are exactly the same as they were in 2016 technically and weight wise. The only change is the top age which has been reduced to 11 years old. We look forward to great racing with kids of more similar ages in 2017. The winner of the Maxterino National Championship will be SA Champion and receive an air ticket to spectate at the 2017 RMCGF in Protugal.

Maxterino is the only National and Regional Championship Class in 2017 for 8-11 year olds.

Micro Max, a class of the future, caters for the kids from 7-11 years old and in 2017 this class will run at all SARMC events as a supporting class with club status. The winner of this SARMC club series will get a seat at the 2017 Rotax Grand Final in Portugal. Kart, engine, tyres wet and dry, trolley, tools, fuel and oil all suupplied by Rotax.