MAXTERINO - 2011 and beyond

The original concept was to create the most cost effective, well controlled and fair category of junior karting. The success countrywide in 2010 as well as the feedback from competitors and parents speaks volumes!

Our experience in karting, which stretches back to 1969, has shown that some of the important ingredients for a successful formula include the following:

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  • One make of engine, one make of chassis and one make of tyres with clear specifications. This prevents continual updates from the manufacturer and the associated costs of replacing chassis and engines. Cost effective and the resale value of equipment is also protected.
  • A clear set of technical regulations to limit the importance of the specialist tuners, designer accesories and enabling dad/son teams to race against the big budget teams
  • Large competitive fields ensure meaningful championships thus providing young drivers not only with skills that will prepare them for their future in racing but importantly in their personal futures.

2011 sees Maxterino progress to Regional and National Championship status – logically as it is the biggest karting class in South Africa already!


Hero Kart Complete InfoThe HERO H1 is the chassis of the future in MAXterino. This modern, attractive and state of the art chassis with appropriate hydraulic brakes and crash tested body work will improve safety and appeals to all competitors. The old Wild Kart chassis was a copy of the 1989 All Kart that has served SA Karting well for 21 years. Technology moves forward so for this and other compelling reasons, the MSA Karting Commission finally decided to add ONE new type of chassis to this category. After careful research as well as a competitor poll the following applies:

  1. The HERO H1 is 95cm wheelbase – 5cm longer than the current Wild/All kart and in line with many other countries. This extra length allows the bigger drivers to stay in the junior formula longer. The shorter existing Wild/All kart may find favour with smaller drivers ie beginners.
  2. The existing Wild Kart/All Kart chassis will continue to be eligible in 2011.
  3. Detailed technical specifications are in place to ensure no expensive updates or new models entering. Simply put we would like to see drivers win races rather than the latest model of chassis with all the expensive options fitted!
  4. The new chassis is manufactured in large numbers by CRG, one of the largest manufacturers in the world to FIK specification, and is also sold branded as Maranello, Zanardi Maddox etc. in various countries.

New chassis are available and every effort to ensure continued availability of chassis and spares around the country will be made.

We look forward to seeing you and many new faces in an exciting 2011 Regional and National Championship season! MAXterino is the official Junior National class of the SARMC series and enjoys TV, electronic and printed media coverage as well as substantial prizes.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   call: (012) 374 0129 or 082 960 6976 Tuesdays to Sundays 9 to 5