Rotax Technical Information - Carb Spec 2015

Important note to all Rotax competitors regarding carburetor regulation for 2015.

If you bought an EVO engine or a new XS carburetor then read no further!

If however you are running the older QD or QS type carb then please note these important items:

  1. Only the 8.5 insert is allowed (as supplied standard since 2006) - the 12.5 option is no longer allowed in the QS or QD carb.
  2. Only the K98 needle is allowed (as supplied since 2006)
  3. Either 3.6 or 5.2 floats can be used excepting in the DD2 class where 5.2 g floats are mandatory for the old carb.
  4. The float level must comply with the Rotax checking fixture in all cases.

The full carburetor regulations can be found on pages 17 to 21 in the Rotax technical regulations.