FAQ's Nose Cones and Fuel Testing

There seems to be some confusion surrounding the introduction of the new CIK front nose cone attachments and the latest fuel control measures. Below is an outline design to assist but should not be confused with the actual MSA Karting regulations.

FAQ’s regarding the nose cone:

CIK nose kitQ: What is the purpose of the new nose cone attachment system?

A: This has been introduced by the CIK to reduce the amount bumping and pushing in karting. Bumping and pushing, while not allowed in the rules has nonetheless become common place in karting, often leading to costly accidents and subsequent arguments, protests etc.

Q: How does the new system help to reduce bumping and pushing?:

A: The new mounting kit fits between the nose cone and the front bumper and moves the nose cone a few centimeters forward when correctly fitted. Now if the nose cone bumps into the kart in front the nose moves back towards the front bumper and no longer is firmly attached – causing it to rattle. If the displaced nose cone is visible to officials on the last lap or after the finish (including slow down, parc ferme up to the scale etc  an automatic penalty of 10 seconds is imposed.

Q: How do I reposition the nose cone?

A: The nose cone can be repositioned by firmly pulling or pushing it back into place.

Q: Can I reposition the nose during the race or on the way to the scale if it is accidentally displaced?

A: You may only reposition the nose cone in the pits. Any attempt to reposition the nose while racing or slowing down or in parc ferme will lead to EXCLUSION from the entire event.

Q: What if someone “brake tests me” and my nose cone is displaced – can my penalty for a displaced nose be waived?

A:  While you can protest the fact that someone brake tested you, causing your nose to be displaced, unfortunately the 10 second penalty is mandatory and cannot be waived. All you might achieve is that the person who brake tested you will receive a penalty as well.

Q: What if my nose is displaced in the warm up lap or in an on track accident?

A: The 10 second penalty still applies unless you stop and reposition the nose – you will probably lose more than 10 seconds so best to just continue.

A word of caution: Competitors racing overseas where this is already in place report that a new approach to racing is recommended – it is very easy to displace the nose cone so think twice before following too closely – even on the warm up lap!

FAQ’s regarding the new fuel control measures.

Digatron Fuel TesterQ Why is fuel control needed?

A: Cheating with special fuels can give one an unfair advantage, moreover it is costly and can be dangerous to your health.

Q: How does the latest method work?

A: The Digitron tester compares two sample fuels and can demonstrate extremely accurately if the samples are the same or different. It simply measures dielectric strength or conductivity.

Q: Can the Digitron analyze a fuel and show what brand it is or what additives it contains?

A: Absolutely not but what it does accurately prove is whether two sample are the same. It is for this reason that everyone is compelled to buy their fuel from the same service station.

Q: Why must I use fuel from a particular service station and pump?

A: The Digiron is very sensitive and will detect even small diffrences in the blend from refineries’ batches so to avoid problems always follow the instructions in the SR’s for the event.

Q: Why do we have to use a prescribed brand of oil?

A: Even oils differ in dielectric strength so it is necessary that everyone uses the same oil for comparative purposes.

Q: Does the oil mixing ratio affect the Digitron’s reading?

A: Yes so this is why you must mix your fuel exactly as prescribed with the correct oil.

Q: Can the scrutineer simply compare fuel of several karts as they come off the track to see if someone is using something different?

A: Yes, the Digitron is ideal for demonstrating conformity.

Last word: This system may seem a little inconvenient initially but it has transformed racing in the USA and Europe by ensuring fairness. This also removes the risk of an organizer providing incorrect fuel, mix or contaminated fuel.


Happy Maxing in 2016!