mojo D3On July 5th 2017 the new MOJO-D4 successfully passed the acceptance tests carried out with 4 professional teams and drivers using 4 different chassis brands. In accordance with the market demand, the development has been focused on consistency, to give the drivers the possibility to obtain constant lap times and better grip throughout an entire race distance.

While being 0,5 sec. faster than the MOJO-D3, the new MOJO-D4 highlights with an excellent drop off < 0,2 sec. after 70 laps (measures related to an average lap time of approx. 45 sec.) and a durability according to CIK benchmarks (150km).

The new MOJO-D4 is thus an attractive combination of performance, consistency and durability.

The MOJO-D4 will be introduced at the 2017 RMCGF in Portimao Portugal in November 2017 in Senior Max, DD2 and DD2 Masters classes. The MOJO-D3 will be discontinued and replaced with the new MOJO-D4 worldwide and in South Africa we will follow suit. Hopefully the current D3 stock will run out before year end.

All other ROTAX classes remain on the existing MOJO-C2 and MOJO-D2 tyres. Pricing for D4 will be the same as D3 and C2 and D2 will remain constant – subject to exchange rate fluctuation.