AD Grand Finals 2019 MAIL SIGNATURE

Category: National



Final Entry List 95 Entries



1 16 Manelisi Nkomo Top Kart
2 17 Rayan Karriem Top Kart
3 28 Mattao Mason Top Kart
4 30 Tshepang Shisinwana Top Kart
5 32 Luan Franco Mostert Top Kart
6 39 Cristian Verheul Top Kart
7 43 Jordon Wadeley Top Kart
8 66 Rhoderick Simpson Top Kart
9 69 Rafael Da Silva Top Kart
10 75 Caleb Odendaal Top Kart
11 76 Aiden Beaumont Top Kart
12 77 Keagan Beaumont Top Kart
13 88 Caleb Moss Top Kart


Micro MAX

1 611 Ethan Lennon Tony Kart
2 613 Ntiyiso Mabunda FA
3 623 Mathlori Mabunda FA
4 627 Mohammed Moerat Praga
5 636 Enzo Rujugiro FA
6 639 Erich Heystek Praga
7 641 Ethan Deacon CRG
8 643 Wian Boshoff Formula K
9 645 Reza Levy CRG
10 655 Reese Koorzen Kosmic
11 656 Luviwe Sambudla FA
12 663 Anesu Maphumulo FA
13 677 Travis Mingay Kosmic
14 683 Joshua Smit Kosmic
15 698 Dhivyen Naidoo Birel

Mini MAX

1 508 Jason MacBeath FA
2 516 Godfrey Malumane FA
3 519 Matthew Morrell Birel
4 527 Tyler Robinson Praga
5 541 Ethan Deacon CRG
6 542 Ethan Stier CRG
7 544 Troy Snyman Tony Kart
8 548 Mischa Williams Zanardi
9 559 Mika Abrahams Kosmic
10 565 Ghazi Motlekar FA
11 579 Mandla Mlangeni FA
12 588 Giulio Cianfanelli Kosmic
13 596 Tyler Stephen CRG


Junior MAX

1 412 Matthew Morrell Birel
2 414 Aqil Alibhai Kosmic
3 417 Troy Dolinschek Kosmic
4 428 Juandre Nel CRG
5 430 Greg Malumane Kosmic
6 444 Troy Snyman FA
7 458 Ethan Coetzee Kosmic
8 469 Ndumiso Bungane FA
9 477 Kyle Visser Tony Kart
10 482 Lorenzo Cianfanelli Kosmic
11 489 Kgalema Mngadi Kosmic
12 494 Tate Bishop Kosmic


Senior MAX / Max 175

1 212 Shrien Naidoo Birel
2 220 Dane van Heerde Praga
3 234 Kai Van Zijl Kosmic
4 241 Connor Donovan Birel
5 245 Simon Simpson-Heath Kosmic
6 250 Jayden Els CRG
7 255 Brent Walden Birel
8 257 Charl Visser FA
9 275 Wayland Wyman Tony Kart
10 299 Riley Horner Tony Kart
11 313 Jonathan Pieterse (175) Tony Kart
12 339 Nicholas Verheul (175) CRG
13 346 Eric Marzoppi (175) Kosmic
14 381 Erwin Sterne (175) CRG
15 385 Jonathan Stephen (175) CRG
16 386 Geoff Stephen (175) CRG

Rotax DD2

1 12 Bradley Liebenberg Birel
2 19 Dominic Lincoln Birel
3 23 Jurgen Pommersheim CRG
4 31 Anton Pommersheim Birel
5 33 Jamie Smith Birel
6 39 Nicholas Verheul CRG
7 43 Brandon Smith Ricciardo
8 47 Stermin Dino Tony Kart
9 52 Justin Allison Birel
10 58 Benjamin Habig Tony Kart
11 74 Robert Whiting Intrepid
12 75 Wayland Wyman Tony Kart
13 81 Sharad Bantho Ricciardo
14 84 Jonathan Thomas CRG


DD2 Masters

1 66 Marouan Selmi CRG
2 76 Kevin Vosloo CRG
3 101 Michael Stephen CRG
4 111 James Moore Ricciardo
5 115 Brett Brito CRG
6 146 Andre Steenkamp CRG
7 166 Calvyn Ferreira Birel
8 168 Roy Gruer Tony Kart
9 169 Jonathan Pieterse Tony Kart
10 177 Alistair Mingay Kosmic
11 188 Conor Hughes Tony Kart
12 199 Eugene Brittz Intrepid
Category: National

Micro and Mini Max Circular

The following amendment to the National SARMC Micro and Mini Max Technical regulations are made with immediate effect:

Rotax Micro and Mini Max competitors and event organisers are hereby informed that the EMR seal on the end of the exhaust is no longer mandatory. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that the exhaust is in good condition and meets the attached specifications. As there is a risk of the baffle tube on the Micro Max breaking competitors are advised to check this occasionally for cracks. This is a simple operation involving three screws and removing the baffle tube. A fractured baffle tube on a Micro Max will afford an advantage and will lead to exclusion irrespective of any EMR seal that may still be in place.

Scrutineers may or may not attach a seal and are free to inspect the exhaust at any stage during the event.

To download Version 4 of the National SARMC Micro and Mini Max Technical regulations click here:

SARMC Mini/Micro Max Supplementary Technical Regulations (Version 4)

Category: National

Rotax Max Nationals Karting heads to the Bay

Port Elizabeth's Celso Scribante Kart Circuit will play host to the second round of the South African National Rotax Max Challenge 20-21 April, when the country’s top kart racers descend on Nelson Mandela Bay to fight it out over the Easter weekend. All eyes will be on PE racing superstar Michael Stephen, who leads both DD2 Masters and Max 175 into his home race, while Cape lads, Dino Stermin leads the DD2 race, Simon-Simpson Heath Senior Max, Joseph Oelz Junior Max and Reza Levy the Micro Max title races and KZN kid Troy Snyman and Jozi lad Tshepang Shisinwana head the respective Mini Max and Bambino chases.
Michael Stephen is no doubt the man to beat in over-32 DD2 Masters, which races on its own for the first time this season but he was made to work by the likes Jonathan Pieterse and Conor Hughes last time out. Expect the likes of Brett Brito, Ernst Viljoen, Marco Viegas, Alistair Mingay and Andre Steenkamp to be among the throng in close pursuit.
Michael Stephen will also be keen to add another new Rotax Max 175 and DD2 Masters double to his portfolio after pulling that feat off in the Cape last time, but 175 stars Jonathan Pieterse and Nicholas Verheul will be delighted to decline him that honour, with Erwin Sterne, Jared Jordan and Geoff Stephen in close attendance too.
Do not take Dino Stermin’s DD2 title lead at face value — he enjoyed a great race last time to lead the title race from  Benjamin Habig, Jonathan Thomas, Sebastian Boyd, Dominic Lincoln, Brandon Smith and Jason Coetzee to the Bay. But the likes of former international F3 racer Roman de Beer and multiple DD2 champion Brad Liebenberg had tough weekends last time out, so light that blue touch paper and take five steps back while this lot get at it!
Senior Max is proving just as dramatic so far this season, with three local winners in three races last time out as Simon Simpson-Heath, Charl Visser and Andrew Rackstraw Kai van Zijl shared out the wins and they are set to continue their tight Senior championship tussle with Kai van Zijl, Storm Lanfear at the Bay. Add veteran Luca Canderle, champion Wayland Wyman, Reece Oellerman and Connor Donovan among other notable hunters in the pack.
The schoolboy classes also guarantee fireworks, with under-15 Junior Max delivering three different winners in three races last time out, but it’s Joseph Oelz who was the most consistent to lead Jozi lead Aqil Alibhai and Tate Bishop to PE ahead of Ethan Coetzee, Cape final heat winner Troy Dolinschek and Storm Lanfear. Ignore Kwanda Mokoena, Kyle Visser, Jordan Brooks, and Tristan Galp at your own peril, while Ndumiso Bungane and Lorenzo Cianfanelli are also Junior factors.
The under-13 Mini Max target is on the thus far dominant Troy Snyman’s back this weekend, with Micro champion Muhammed Wally, Jason MacBeath, Matthew Morrell and Ethan Stier all taking aim. Bjorn Bertholdt, Taya van der Laan, Giullo Cianfanelli, Ghazi Motlekar, Mischa Williams and Mandla Mlangeni add to the mix — let the fun begin!
Reza Levy is another kid all his rivals want to beat in under-11 Micro Max with a pole position and three race wins last time out, but Reese Koorzen, Mohammed Moerat and Luviwe Sambudla will clearly be out for Micro revenge. Dhivyen Naidoo Wian Boshoff, Erich Heystek, Ethan Deacon, Kyle Beukes and Caleb Cotterell also are all ready to throw a spanner in that works too.
Last but not least, are the under-8 Bambinos who race in a national championship for the first time this year. Tshepang Shisinwana beat Rayan Karriem, Luan Mostert and Caleb Odendaal to opening round honours, while pundits will recognise a good few names racing among the babies, with the likes of Wadeley, Moore, Verheul and Moss popping up among them.
All of which makes for a most significant Port Elizabeth Easter attraction, so find those eggs, finish brunch and head out to the Celso Scribante Short Circuit at the end of Sardinia Bay Road in Schoenmakerskop for a day of explosive Rotax Max Challenge National Championship Karting. More on kart.co.za.