680Karting can be a cruel sport — especially to older or heavier drivers who may struggle to compete on even terms against lightweight youngsters. That’s all about to change though — the new heavyweight national championship Rotax Max 175 class is coming!

All-new stand-alone Max 175 will race Rotax Senior Max spec engines and tyres at a minimum 175kg all-in weight (as apposed to 160kg in Senior Max) to cater for serious drivers over 16 years of age who weigh 85kg or more in their underpants, alongside drivers of any weight who are 32 years or older. 2019’s top over-32 Max 175 drivers will earn a DD2 Masters’ seat at the 2019 Rotax Max Grand Finals.

“Rotax Max 175 is aimed at older or young but heavier-built competitors from new karters to experienced drivers and more serious clubmen who want to race without locking horns with wild teenagers,”South African Rotax Max karting distributor Ed Murray pointed out. “Max Masters, Rotax Heavy, Max 177 and Senior Heavy run to similar rules overseas — essentially a Senior Max kart but with an appropriate minimum weight to suit older and larger drivers — and they are the most popular karting class in many countries around the world. "We are confident that Max 175 will be just as popular in South Africa."

“The KwaZulu Natal club has led the way here with a well-established bunch of competitors racing in the class formerly known as Max 180, while a number of Clubman competitors have also shown great interest “Now they have a place to race nationally and in the regions in Max 175 as part of the South African Rotax Max Challenge Series and we also hope to soon see a good few former karters making a comeback too..."

Max 175 karts turn in very respectable lap times racing on EVO engines and Mojo D5 tyres have long proven to be fast and durable. Some really good deals are available right now on top-end but slightly used non-gearbox kart chassis and used Senior Max EVO engines. EMR is also offering most attractive rent-to-own or straight rental deals on a limited number of 2019 engines arriving 12 December 2018.

Find out more about Rotax Max karting and the new Max 175 class at or call Jennifer 082 294 7485 in Gauteng or Brad 083 662 1177 in the Western Cape for more details and information.