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It’s that time of year again where sales pitches are made, stories are fabricated and confusion reigns.

We would like to offer you 21 reasons to stay with or join the Rotax Global Karting series in South Africa for 2021.

  1. Stability - there will be NO sporting or technical changes in 2021 in the Rotax or Bambino classes - what you are familiar with in 2020 will be the same in 2021!

      • Any new classes? NO!
      • Any classes being scrapped? NO!
      • Any technical changes? NO!
      • DD2 chassis with Rotax rear bumper (rollers) WILL be allowed!
      • Older Rotax engines WILL be allowed!

  2. Rotax is a part of the BRP global group, which has sales of 6 billion Canadian Dollars p.a. and employs 45 000 people globally.

  3. Rotax turned 100 years old in 2020, thus stability and sustainability are in its DNA.

  4. The Global Rotax Max Challenge Series was started in 1999, when Rotax introduced the ‘new age’, long life engine concept – spend more time on track and less time in the workshop!

  5. Today, more than 75 countries run the Rotax Max Challenge National Series to the very same Global rules that we use here in South Africa. Giving you the opportunity to take your kart -as is- and race in any and as many of the 75 countries you desire.

  6. Stability: The fundamental engine design of the Rotax Max and DD2 engines remain unchanged after 20 years, with only detailed improvements made over the years. The improvements are always designed to improve parity and reliability – Rotax is not racing against any other product as this is a one-make series.

  7. Stability: During this 20-year period in South Africa, 19 other karting classes have been given National status - Rotax stands out as the ONE brand you can depend on. Rok Cup, Super Rok, Parrilla KF, Vortex KF, Maxter KF, Junior Rok, X30 Shifter, Junior Rok, Rok DVS, Maxter 60, PCR PV50, PCR KF, Micro/Kid Rok, these are some of the engines that saw owners left disappointed and out of pocket. 

  8. Parity of performance: Everyone wants to know that they have at least an equal chance in engine performance, to remove any doubt the 2021 Series will see the introduction of an “engine buy out system” in all Rotax classes.

      • Based on the successful Bambino class ideology – A participant will record -in writing- at the start of the event, that they wish to buy the winners engine. The participant must then deposit the price of a new base engine with an added 10%.
      • Come the conclusion of the race event the participant may claim the winner’s engine -as raced- off his/her kart.
      • A participant may not claim a particular person’s engine - only the winner’s engine can be bought!

  9. Reliability and durability: Rotax changed the world of karting by introducing the long-life race engine. Racing a full season without opening the engine is perfectly doable but if you want to have your engine serviced more regularly this is your choice.
  10. Rotax is the only kart engine manufacturer to offer a 6 or 12-month warrantee - this underlines their confidence in the product that you can rely on. The spare parts come with a six-month warrantee too. NO OTHER KART ENGINE MANUFACTURER OFFERS THIS.

  11. Performance: Rotax does not aim to be the fastest in any particular age or weight group. Rather the goal is to provide the participant with a level playing field at an appropriate speed for the drivers age, size and weight. For example: the Rotax Mini Max is tuned to provide a similar performance to the new international CIK MINI 60 class. Rotax do this by using the detuned 125 cc Max engine and thus can deliver thousands of -steadily performed- laps between services as the engine is only delivering less than half of its designed potential output.
  12. Performance: DD2 delivers fast and exciting racing, most important though is the classes affordability due to the engines long-life design. The best part of the DD2: No chain – No pain. Without a chain, the kart stays cleaner with one less consumable part. The DD2 makes use of 4 gear ratio sets, having the competitor covered at any circuit with any conditions.

  13. Product support where you need it: There are a multitude of authorized dealers and service centres, situated on track premises countrywide. Rotax makes sure that no matter the track, a participant will never be left without assistance. Ed Murray Racing (EMR Karting) head office at Zwartkops is open 6 days a week - to assist you, the Rotax owner

  14. Regional and National events are held throughout the year in each province ensuring that you have enough race dates to choose from.

  15. International Rotax Racing: There are many International events and series available to choose from, to name a few: the Rotax Winter Cup, The Four round Rotax Euro Trophy, The International Trophy at the famous Le Mans circuit, BNL Rotax Series, etc.

  16. The famous Rotax Max World Final is fondly known as the Olympics of Karting. There is no other karting or motorsport event like this:

      • Each year a different venue is chosen to host the World Final from many different circuits on 6-continents and many different countries.
      • Drivers qualify for an invitation by winning their National series in any of the six Rotax classes. (Micro, Mini, Junior, Senior, DD2 and DD2 Masters)
      • 400 brand-new karts and brand-new engines are shipped to the venue.
      • Each class has one chosen brand of chassis, so everyone truly gets the same equipment to race with when the raffle is done.
      • Factory mechanics from the various chassis suppliers prepare the karts and offer advice to the competitors.
      • A 6000 square meter tent houses the entire field – no hiding away in tents and trailers!
      • Tyres, trolleys, tools, fuel, oil… everything, provided FREE of charge by Rotax, the distributors world-wide and the series sponsors.
      • Free practice, time trials and qualifying heats lead to the prefinals and then the all-important final race.

  17. Max Verstappen, Nicolas Latifi, Lando Norris are some of the more recent Rotax graduates! More than 200 South African young men and women have already enjoyed an opportunity to race against the world’s best on EQUAL equipment, which, let’s not forget, is all supplied FREE of charge. Names like Cristiano Morgado, Wesleigh Orr, Leeroy Poulter, Caleb Williams, Claudio Piazza, Mark Cronje, Gavin Cronje and Jayden Els are proud winners of a Rotax Max Grand Final!

  18. Our local Rotax Series has also had great names starting their racing careers in Rotax karting – Kelvin van der Linde, Sheldon van der Linde, David Perel, Jordan Pepper, Raoul Hyman, Callum O’Keefe, Michael Stephen to name a few.

  19. Mojo Tyres and cost: Another fantastic reason to race the Rotax Series. Racing tyres are inevitably a trade-off of performance and durability. A bit of an oversimplification states that faster tyres use softer rubber and thus wear faster. The cost of tyres is significant so Rotax invested heavily with the German manufacturer Heidenau and developed tyres that deliver high performance and most importantly, long life. Mojo tyres are about half a second per lap slower than the softer Bridgestones sold in SA however, the Mojo Tyre lasts much longer! The performance is consistent from time trials until the tyres are completely worn out. You can do more than one event successfully on a single set of tyres, particularly in the Micro and Mini Max classes where competitors do several events on one set of tyres. This cuts an important cost by more than half!

  20. Parity of tyre performance: very few realize how significant tyre “age” is. Rotax and Mojo developed a unique Tyre Tracking System. From the bar code on the tyre, the delivery date and country of delivery is recorded enabling organizers to ensure fairness by keeping everyone on the same “age” tyres. No other tyre manufacturer has a system like this – it is not just a bar code but the data base behind it that counts. In tyre manufacturing vulcanizing is the process where the rubber is effectively melted onto the carcass. From the moment of vulcanizing a curing process begins. Initially the rubber cures (gets harder) at a rapid rate and after a few weeks this process slows down but never actually stops. For this reason, if you have, say, 9-month-old tyres and your competitor has one-month old tyres you will be at a disadvantage – more than any engine tuner can give you.

  21. 21 years of successful Rotax Max racing is an enviable track record. More than 70% of South Africa’s 2-stroke Karters participated in the Rotax Series in 2020. Come and join us for the 21st SARMC Series in 2021.     

Happy Maxxing!