Response to rumours of special imported Rotax Max engines and components

EMR Karting, the sole importers of Rotax karting equipment in South Africa, have been informed of recent rumours regarding the parity of Rotax Max engines and more specifically the cylinders. EMR and Rotax pride themselves on providing cost effective racing on a level playing field. We felt it was appropriate to respond to these rumours and to remind competitors and teams of what goes into creating this level playing field.

Manufacturing and quality control:

  • Rotax have gone to extraordinary lengths to eliminate differences between cylinders by introducing 3D digitally printed one piece cores (all other karting manufactures still use hand assembled multiple piece casting cores)
  • Rotax have introduced additional machining operations to improve accuracy
  • Rotax produces 400,000 engines in nearly 100 different models per year and is a very modern hi-tech facility. There is certainly absolutely no chance that anyone is allowed to “select” components
  • Given the hi-tech manufacturing process, it would be exorbitantly expensive to attempt production of counterfeit cylinders and these would be identifiable as counterfeit
  • Today there is minimal variance in Rotax cylinders and is evident by the competitive and exciting Rotax racing series worldwide
  • Rotax offers a 6 month warranty on engines and components

Importation and distribution:

  • EMR Karting is the sole importer and distributor of Rotax engines and spare parts in South Africa
  • The engines and components sold in South Africa are of the latest specification and therefore equivalent to the components available in other countries
  • Nonetheless, to avoid false rumours, only engines and components imported by EMR karting are legal for competition in South Africa
  • To ensure that no engines and components imported from other countries are used, every Rotax engine or cylinder imported by EMR is stamped and the unique serial number and other features are photographed and recorded
  • Engines and cylinders are sold on the first in first out basis

Getting the most out of your Rotax engine:

Karting, just as any other sport, favours those who put in the effort. Spending time at the track testing normally pays off. The driver improves, the chassis set up moves forward, carburettor settings, gearing, etc. are all honed to perfection.

Sadly when teams, tuners, coaches, etc. are not winning they tend to blame others and make claims that the leaders have some unfair advantage. Karting is a competitive sport and the level continues to raise each year. If you won the last race, it does not mean you will continue to win all races without putting in the effort. Your competitors are at the circuit working on their driving and set-up and will overtake you if you don’t put the effort in.


About the Rotax kart series:

After dominating both 100cc and gearbox karting for some years Rotax felt that modern customers demanded a more modern and user-friendly karting experience.

Rotax developed “new age” karting starting with the long life (larger capacity, lower revving, water cooled, nicasil cylinder, balance shaft, electric start, auto clutch) in a  shift away from traditional karting.

Like various other successful motor sport series Rotax is a “one make” formula - to put an end to the expensive manufacturers’ challenge in multi-engine series. Twenty years later Rotax karting is still arguably the biggest one-make motor racing series in the world. From time to time Rotax’s dominance in a region or country will be challenged by new products but Rotax always seems to come back stronger, thanks to:

  • Over 100,000 Max engines sold in 20 years and National racing in about 80 countries
  • A worldwide network of distributors and dealers using the unique in racing Rotax warranty system to feed back problems to Rotax
  • Annual world final where the top drivers from each country are invited to race free of charge in identical brand new karts
  • A consistent effort by the manufacturer to improve the reliability, reduce running costs and improve the ease of use