7 things you need to know about Micro and Mini Max for 2020.

  1. In a newsletter on 20 August 2019 we proposed combining Micro and Mini Max into one common class. The feedback was really strong that we should not go this route and we heard you and so the classes will stay in line with the Global regulations for both classes

  2. Rotax announced changes to the international weight limits for 2020 so we will follow suit and run Micro Max at 105kg and Mini Max 118kg. Lower weights will improve tyre life and see karts with less ballast in 2020.

  3. Minor spec changes to the exhaust baffles will be introduced to both Micro and Mini classes for 2020 all in line with the International Specification.

  4. We will allow a few different sized rear sprockets in 2020.

  5. A specially developed plastic insert will be fitted to the existing carburetor - this improves throttle response, ease of use and parity of performance.

  6. The performance of the Rotax Mini Max was benchmarked against the 16 bhp Italian Mini 60 cc class TM Racing engine. 2020 lap times will remain similar to 2019 lap times.

  7. Rotax Micro Max at 105kg in 2020 spec will do similar lap times to current Micro Max lap times and is ideal for our younger drivers.

The 2019 RMCGF in Italy saw brilliant racing in both classes running with the 2020 specifications so we look forward to great racing next year in both classes

One Micro Max invitation and one Mini Max invite to the RMCGF 2020 will be awarded to the SARMC series winners and one Micro Max invite will be awarded to the winner of the African Open.