An action-packed season opener for Kwazulu-Natal over the weekend

A brand-new karting season kicked off on a sunny and hot Sunday, 28th January for KZN Kart Club at iDube Raceway. With new and exciting changes for the Club Championship which allows out-of-town competitors to race and score in the KZN Club Championship, we saw drivers joining from as far as Gauteng to embark on their 2024 KZN racing campaigns. Was great to see all the regular competitors but it was also fantastic to see many fresh faces and out-of-town folk!


In Rotax Max’s premier class, Sharad Banto and Jono Pieterse fought the day out for first place in DD2 with Jono taking the first and third heats. Sharad took the second heat from Jono suffering a technical retirement. Sharad claimed victory for the day, Jono second and Reval Gayadin third followed by Steve Clark and Hannah Daniel, who had a tough day also having to retire from the first two heats and a DNS in the third. Steve won the day in the Masters category with Jono second.

1st – Sharad Banto
2nd – Jono Pieterse
3rd – Reval Gayadin
4th – Steve Clark
5th – Hannah Daniel


1st – Steve Clark
2nd – Jono Pieterse


Junior and Senior Max classes were combined on the day. From the outset it was clear that the man to beat was Jonno Wilson. Jonno made a clean sweep, taking all three heats. Uzair Khan contested hard but in the end couldn’t match Wilsons pace. Brothers Shrien and Dhivyen Naidoo had lots of close racing with each other fighting for third spot in all three heats and swapping position throughout each race. In the end it was Jonno who claimed the days victory with his faultless drive, followed by Uzair second and Shrien third. Dhivyen, Travis Mingay and Corban Spies making up the rest of the field.

Junior Max saw some close racing in amongst the Seniors, but it was Kyle Spies who won the day by winning two of the three heats, followed by Sebastian Geldenhuys and Troy Pieterse.


1st – Jonno Wilson
2nd – Uzair Khan
3rd – Shrien Naidoo
4th – Dhivyen Naidoo
5th – Travis Mingay
6th – Corban Spies


1st – Kyle Spies
2nd – Sebastian Geldenhuys
3rd – Troy Lee Pieterse


The ever-popular Micro and Mini Max classes race together in combined heats on the day. Competition in the heats was very close and saw local boy Ryan Falconer win the first heat, but Michael Arde won heat two and three which saw him take the Mini Max class win for the day ahead of Ryan in second and visiting Gauteng brothers Christian and Matthew Naidoo third and fourth respectively. Matthew Shuttleworth took the Micro Max win ahead of Adrian Steyn, both drivers out-of-towners from Gauteng.

1st – Michael Arde
2nd – Ryan Falconer
3rd – Christian Naidoo
4th – Matthew Naidoo


1st – Matthew Shuttleworth
2nd – Adrian Steyn


The kindergarten of motor racing, Bambino, caters for our youngest children between 5 and 9 years old, with two Out-Of-Town club members Sebastian Shuttleworth and Alonzo de Oliveira taking on local lad Sean Arde. Alonzo won the first heat but Sebastien winning heat two and three saw him secure the win for the day, with Alonzo in second and Sean in third.

1st – Sebastien Shuttleworth
2nd – Alonzo de Oliveira
3rd – Sean Arde


The introduction of the new Clubman’s classes for all “new to racing” competitors, saw a full field of newbies. The field was made up of Junior and Senior Clubman’s combined, and although the competitors lacked the experience of the Junior and Senior Max field, they didn’t disappoint with an action packed 3 heats and with each competitor show improvement heat on heat. In the end it was Abigail Rudd who won the day for Senior Clubman’, taking a hattrick of wins, Teshaan Moodley second and Taslyn Sujpathy third. Roxy Lange won the Junior Clubman’s and Hana Moolla taking second place.


1st – Abigail Rudd
2nd – Teshaan Moodley
3rd – Taslyn Sujpathy
4th – Kailey Gengaih
5th – Lwanele Kareem Sithole


1st – Roxy Lange
2nd – Hana Moolla


The extremely popular 4 stroke class featured some very competitive and close racing in all three heats but with the noticeable absence of Lisa Mingay who had to withdraw from the event due to a crash and injury sustained during practice the day before. Alistair Mingay, her husband, won heats one and three to win the class ahead of Angus Townsen in second and Andrew Nivison in third, followed by Kyle Nivison, Edmond Masson, Andy Arde and Wally Townsen.

1st – Alistair Mingay
2nd – Angus Townsen
3rd – Andrew Nivison
4th – Kyle Nivison
5th – Edmond Masson
6th – Andy Arde
7th – Wally Townsen

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Over 200 competitors have registered to compete in this year’s revolutionary new South African Rotax MAX Kart Championships. Have you?

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Over 200 competitors have registered to compete in this year’s revolutionary new South African Rotax MAX Kart Championships. Have you?